How to use Zimbra Admin

What is Zimbra Admin?

Zimbra Admin is the Zimbra designed control panel for managing all things Zimbra – it comes built into Zimbra and is always available. It’s a sophisticated application and is designed to support millions of mailboxes. Essentially the concept is that you must search for anything you want to administer rather than things just appearing in a list.

Do I need to use it?

In most cases no – many of the day to day things you’ll need to do to manage your Zimbra mailboxes can be done using our portal. There are certain, more advanced aspects of Zimbra management which can only be done with a Zimbra Admin login.

We recommend you first try using our portal to fulfil your task and revert to Zimbra Admin if required.

How to I edit mailboxes using your portal?

  1. Login to the portal
  2. Navigate to the customer with the domain you want to manage – TIP – use Global Search in the upper right corner
  3. Select ‘Manage’
Product management in the portal

Product management in the portal

What is the relationship between the Portal and Zimbra Admin?

Zimbra is simply a service which is provisioned and controlled from the portal – we built some basic mailbox editing functionality into the portal to save you having to login to Zimbra Admin. Most things can be controlled via the portal, but it’s missing some advanced functionality and so you may still want/need to login to Zimbra Admin.

Two types of Zimbra Admin login

Zimbra Domain Admin

Can see only their domain, limited access.

  • To make a mailbox a domain admin, check the box marked ‘Domain Administrator’ when editing the mailbox in the portal Mailbox Manager
Setting a mailbox to Domain Admin

Setting a mailbox to Domain Admin

Zimbra Delegated Admin

Can see all mailboxes for all domains at your account level and below (i.e. all your customers). Can pretty much do most things.

  • To set-up delegated admin – do this in the portal. Click on Your Account > delegated admin
Setting up Delegated Admin

Setting up Delegated Admin