Our server sends you a warning email similar to the following:

Subject: Warning: message 1Zb92h-0002aX-BS delayed 2 hours

We are having trouble delivering your email because of an onward issue. No
action is required on your part – we will continue to attempt delivery for
some days. This warning will be repeated at regular intervals if the
message remains undelivered. We can not cancel these warning messages.

If your email is time sensitive you may wish to contact the recipient by
another means.

The reason for receiving this message is because there is an issue with the recipients email server which our system considers is going to be resolved – i.e. a transient problem. Therefore the message is simply informing you of the delay. There is nothing you or we can do to cancel these messages – our system will keep trying for a number of days either until it gives up or the remote system accepts the email.

How to fix

  • The warning message includes the recipient address – carefully check to make sure it is correct – for example you may have a typo such as recipient@compny.com instead of recpient@company.com
  • If the email you sent contains something time sensitive, you may wish to send the communication by another means – i.e. using Instant Messenger or Telephone for example.
  • Your email administrator is able to query the log files which will provide greater details.