How to set-up your RIM device to receive email via the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)

New Blackberry OS 10 now supports Active Sync which means you can sync Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks using Zimbra Mobile. Blackberry OS 10 Active Sync support

The Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) supports the ability to synchronise emails between a Blackberry handset and a remote Mailbox using the handsets’ Internet connection (known as Over the Air sync). Calendar and Contacts are not supported via OTA and must be synchronised using the desktop software supplied with the handset. Usually people who purchase a Blackberry as an individual or very small business from their network operator will be using the BIS service. RIM also offer an “enterprise” solution which synchronises email, calendar and contacts OTA – this is called BES and is discussed here.

To set-up BIS, please login to your network provider’s Blackberry Internet Service Portal using the details they provided to you. Once logged in, select to a new email account and then proceed to enter your email address, Mailbox password and incoming server name etc.

UK Network Operator BIS Portals