Details about Alias Domains

Alias domains automatically inherit the email configuration of their primary domain so that emails addressed to a recipient at the alias domain are delivered to the same recipient in the primary domain. 

The advantage of alias domains is that they require no ongoing configuration once set-up – everything works automatically. 

You should read the following notes carefully before deciding whether alias domains are appropriate for you: 

    • Alias domains are not configurable. You can’t, for instance, alter their spam configuration or change the destination delivery – they simply inherit the settings of the primary domain.


    • Emails addressed to alias domain are delivered to the primary domain – e.g. if is the primary, and is the alias, then emails addressed to will be delivered to the destination server as This can cause issues if the customer server is performing routing based on the domain used.


  • You can’t have differences between the domains – e.g. you can’t have delivered differently to